Losing weight does not have to be boring. You can take a number of classes at the Amerikick Martial Arts school that you can enjoy so much that you might not even remember that you are there to take off some pounds and get in good shape. Classes for weight loss involve a variety of exercises, and they are sure to help you get fit.

Many Options for Weight Loss

While there is no doubt that losing weight will take some effort on your part, you can have some fun while doing it. There are many sports that you can learn and engage in while you are losing those pounds, enabling you to learn something that can help you for years to come.

You can take a class that will get you started losing weight, and that moves a little slower, such as yoga. It could be a good way to start helping you to get in shape. It will enable you to gain strength, lose weight and get in shape. Some forms of yoga will enable you to lose weight faster than others.

Or, you could go for a faster route, one that will take the pounds off much faster. This could include high energy sports like boxing, kickboxing, zumba, and various forms of martial arts. In some of those classes, you will not only take off some weight, but you will also learn a valuable way of self-defense.

Get Coaches That Can Help You Lose Weight

Coaches are present in the classes who will help you. They will encourage and motivate you to keep going so you can lose the pounds you want to get rid of to become the new you that you want to become. They are also there to help ensure that you are doing the training correctly.

Children’s Weight Loss

A number of courses are also available to help keep children in shape. This includes youth programs and classes for toddlers, too. This can greatly benefit your child and help them to develop better fitness, strength, coordination, respect for others, and much more. Classes for the young include gymnastics, kickboxing, karate, Tae Kwon Do, boxing, self-defense, nun-chuks, and more.

Looking for the Fastest Way to Lose Weight?

Some forms of exercise will enable you to lose weight in the fastest possible way. The class will depend on the age of the student and their overall ability to participate now. Fitness kickboxing would certainly be one of the most intense methods, as well as boxing. It would also teach you a form of martial arts, which is good for self-defense – and your self-confidence.

The Amerikick Martial Arts school provides many programs which will help you with weight loss. We are located in Staten Island, New York. We invite you to call and talk to one of our instructors to discover which program of weight loss may be best for you. Our classes start out at beginner levels and go up through advanced ranks. You can also drop by and attend one of our classes for free.

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Our Kickboxing Classes Develop:

Focus on your Goals

With so many things calling for our attention, it is very easy to lose focus and purpose in our daily lives. Sadly we lose focus on the most important thing of all…OURSELVES. If we are not happy, healthy or motivated, it is impossible to do so for others. Our Fitness Kickboxing program enforces focus and concentration through structured lessons plans geared towards invigorating the mind while challenging and strengthening the body! Allowing us to the be able to spread that positivity throughout our lives.

Control your Stress

A very common myth is that punching and kicking fosters violent behavior and aggressiveness. These are probably the same people who don’t have husbands/wives or kids. But this myth is not true. Our Fitness Kickboxing program creates an outlet for you to release your stress while relieving your mind and allowing you to better focus on whats important to you.

Improve your Self-Discipline

Self discipline is the force that drives us to stay true to ourselves and our goals. With highly motivating classes and instructors, you’ll be surrounded by a positive and motivating atmosphere that will surely have you coming back for more! Choosing to take class above staying home watching TV or grabbing a fruit salad rather than a bag of chips are some of the many was Kickboxing at Amerikick will help you develop better Self Discipline and decision making.

Grow your Self-Confidence

Studies show that adults with self-confidence have a higher tendency to achieve career advancement, success in relationships and productivity. Amerikick Fitness Kickboxing program delivers the tools necessary to help you reach higher levels of confidence. From weight loss, to chiseled toning and supportive and personable instructors and staff who are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential!

Goal Setting

While our professional lives force us to set and strive towards various goals, many times these are career related. Amerikick Kickboxing program provides a comprehensive training program that clearly outlines your goals and development. Your mind and your body play a vital role in your journey to achieve any goal. With instructors trained in personal training, nutrition and anatomy, all your bases are covered! Whether you’re 15 or 50, a beginner or advanced, you’re always working on bettering the self and towards a sense of personal victory.


While we can not promise you Billy Blanks kicks, or becoming the next Ronda Rousey..We can promise you feasible goals towards all assets of fitness. Weight loss, toning, strength training and flexibility are all guaranteed through our Fitness Kickboxing program. With a combination of the self discipline and self control yowl attain along the way and the intense and fun workouts geared towards all ages and experience levels…Amerikick will have you feeling, and looking at your best!

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