If you are looking for a new idea for your child’s next birthday party, you need to try one with a Nerf Party, Bounce Wars or Martial Arts Theme.

What Is It?

The birthday boy or girl gets to invite all of his or her friends on their birthday to attend a party at the martial arts school. The activities are centered around learning some basic martial arts moves and actually being at a school for the martial arts.

Is There a Benefit for Parents?

Yes. Parents get to relax and let the school do the planning and guide the activities. This can be especially valuable to busy parents who do not have a lot of time planning and finding the right decorations, gifts, etc.

All the activities are planned and they are designed to give the kids a good and fun time. Perhaps even better, parents do not need to decorate or clean up afterwards – which could take up much of your time if you had the party at your house.

Who Can Come?

The kids that you invite do not need to know anything about martial arts. The fun thing is that they will all learn some new things and they will enjoy it. Both boys and girls can come.

What Are the Activities?

In addition to some training in martial arts, there are also lots of games planned and other fun things to do. It is not all about martial arts. The goal is for everyone to have plenty of fun and to get a unique and memorable experience.

The instructors at the school will supervise all activities during the party. They will also ensure that there is a controlled environment and that kids behave. In the school, the instructors do not permit misuse of martial arts moves and students are taught to not be violent. That will also be emphasized during the party. It is also filled with activities so that there are no periods of inactivity.

Is There a Focus on the Birthday Child?

During the birthday event, the child with the birthday is the star of the show. He or she will enjoy special recognition throughout the party, ensuring that they have a good time, too. They may also get to help the instructor demonstrate some moves, and their friends and parents will likely be very impressed.

A party like this will certainly have their friends talking about it for many weeks afterward. It will certainly be a party to be remembered, and they may even want to start taking classes, too.

Are There Affordable Options?

As with most things, there are some options so that you can find one to fit your budget. There are different parties available in terms of size, time, and the theme.

The Amerikick Martial Arts gym is located in Staten Island, New York. We enjoy offering birthday parties for children enrolled in our classes. Call us to find out more and let us show you how we can throw a party your child will not forget.

What We Offer


We will provide you with 25 custom invitations for your child’s party.

2 Staff

We will entertain, educate and have a ton of fun playing games and learning martial arts.

Set up and Clean up

We will set up and clean up the for the entire party. All basic table cloths, napkins, cups, plates and utensils are included in all parties.


Pizza, Drinks and chips are included in all package for kids attending the party.. You are welcome to order additional food for the parents. (no party package includes food for adults)

Party Themes


We are going to have one awesome party! Get ready for a party of a lifetime, we will begin by going rules, warm up through relays and then swing into action packed games, karate lesson, pizza, more games and time for Celebration.

It will Be EPIC!

90 minute Party – $399

120 minute Party – $449

150 minute Party – $499

(Plus 10% Tip. Includes up to 12 kids, $15 additional for each child)

Nerf War

On top of all the Fun games, learning karate moves and self defenses… We will have a blast breaking up into teams and playing Nerf War. We will warm up with targeting practice and then we are going to have ourselves one amazing action packed Nefr war. If your kids have their own nerf guns they are welcome to bring them along. We have plenty in stock.

90 minute Party – $449

120 minute Party – $499

150 minute Party – $549

(Plus 10% Tip. Includes up to 12 kids, $15 additional for each child)

Bounce Wars

Kids Love This Theme. We inflate 4 foot bubble ball balloons, the kids will individually get into the a bubble balloon and battle it out in different games. After a few warm up of games, the kids will get broken up into groups to play Bubble Ball Succor Game.


90 minute Party – $449

120 minute Party – $499

150 minute Party – $549

(Includes up to 12 kids, $15 additional for each child)


FROM $399

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