Getting trained in Muay Thai means that someone is going to learn some serious fighting skills. The training consists of learning how to use your fists, feet, knees, elbows, and shins in offensive and defensive moves. Although some gyms permit young teens to be trained in this sport, many will only grant access to adults.

What Is It?

Muay Thai is a martial art that was developed in Thailand many centuries ago. Thailand often experienced wars with its neighbors at the time and this form of fighting was developed for their survival. Today, in the United States, it is much more of a sport, but it is still very challenging and training can be tough.

Get Physically Fit

One of the greatest benefits of taking classes in this sport is to gain an incredible level of fitness. It will exercise every part of your body, helping you to lose weight and get in great shape. Many different forms of fitness training will be used such as jogging, rope jumping, abdominal exercises, possibly weight training, and more.

Work with the bag will also be emphasized, as well as training with the pads and focus mitts. Your cardiovascular system will also be strengthened. You will gain flexibility, and a much better focus and ability to concentrate.

Other Benefits

You will also certainly learn self-discipline as you practice the moves, strikes, and blocks over and over to perfect them. It will enable you to choose to do other tasks in life and meet challenges that can help you succeed where others might fail.

Another benefit is that you will obtain a determination to continue – even when you hurt and don’t feel like it. It will also give you a large amount of self-confidence.

Men and Women

There are classes for both men and women. It provides an excellent method of self-defense and its goal is to put down an opponent or assailant as quickly as possible. This gives both sexes the confidence of knowing that they are prepared if need be – but peaceful solutions are always preferred when possible.

The Classes

The classes are kept rather small so that people can receive more individualized training. There are different levels, and those who want to compete are in a separate class – once they get far enough in the training. Equipment will need to be purchased once you advance to the higher classes.


Sparring is apt to be a part of the training once you reach a certain level of ability. It will likely be kept minimal, light to medium, in order to ensure safety, then it may get tougher slowly and expand as you become better and learn more. Students who choose to enter competition will be exposed to full contact when ready.

The Amerikick Martial Arts gym has instructors trained in Muay Thai and they are certified. Our gym is located in Staten Island, New York. We invite you to come by and watch a class or participate in one class for free to see if it is for you. You can also call us and talk with our instructors to answer your questions.

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Our Martial Arts Classes Develop:


With so many things calling for our attention, it is very easy to lose focus and purpose in our daily lives. Sadly we lose focus on the most important thing of all…OURSELVES. If we are not happy, healthy or motivated, it is impossible to do so for others. Our Fitness Kickboxing program enforces focus and concentration through structured lessons plans geared towards invigorating the mind while challenging and strengthening the body! Allowing us to the be able to spread that positivity throughout our lives.

Control your Stress

A very common myth is that punching and kicking fosters violent behavior and aggressiveness. These are probably the same people who don’t have husbands/wives or kids. But this myth is not true. Our Fitness Kickboxing program creates an outlet for you to release your stress while relieving your mind and allowing you to better focus on whats important to you.

Improve Your Self-Discipline

Self discipline is the force that drives us to stay true to ourselves and our goals. With highly motivating classes and instructors, you’ll be surrounded by a positive and motivating atmosphere that will surely have you coming back for more! Choosing to take class above staying home watching TV or grabbing a fruit salad rather than a bag of chips are some of the many was Kickboxing at Amerikick will help you develop better Self Discipline and decision making.

Grow your Self-Confidence

Studies show that adults with self-confidence have a higher tendency to achieve career advancement, success in relationships and productivity. Amerikick Fitness Kickboxing program delivers the tools necessary to help you reach higher levels of confidence. From weight loss, to chiseled toning and supportive and personable instructors and staff who are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential!

Goal Setting

While our professional lives force us to set and strive towards various goals, many times these are career related. Amerikick Kickboxing program provides a comprehensive training program that clearly outlines your goals and development. Your mind and your body play a vital role in your journey to achieve any goal. With instructors trained in personal training, nutrition and anatomy, all your bases are covered! Whether you’re 15 or 50, a beginner or advanced, you’re always working on bettering the self and towards a sense of personal victory.


While we can not promise you Billy Blanks kicks, or becoming the next Ronda Rousey..We can promise you feasible goals towards all assets of fitness. Weight loss, toning, strength training and flexibility are all guaranteed through our Fitness Kickboxing program. With a combination of the self discipline and self control yowl attain along the way and the intense and fun workouts geared towards all ages and experience levels…Amerikick will have you feeling, and looking at your best!

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