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Many adults will certainly remember the fun times they had at summer camp. It was an exciting time, and it likely has never been forgotten. You can give your child the same exciting time that they will remember the rest of their life, and it will change their life, too.

Kid’s Enjoy Summer Camps

Summer camps provide a unique and special time when they can get away from the daily routine of their life. School’s out and they look forward to doing something with the time. A martial arts camp will not only be fun, but it will help them grow and develop physically, mentally, and emotionally.

While there are other activities for fun that the kids will get to do, along with the usual zany and crazy activities, the emphasis on a martial arts camp is going to be to show kids how martial arts can benefit them. They also will get a chance to see if they want to pursue martial arts, too.

The Benefits

Kids will have the opportunity to get in better shape, and learn various routines in martial arts. They will spend some time learning some martial arts moves and techniques, practicing them, and working with other children.

Another thing that they will learn is that if they focus on doing something, they can do it if they are determined to and get focused. This will help them to learn that many things that they might think are beyond their abilities are within their reach.

Of course, they will also see that if they have the right attitude that they can do much more than without it. Kids will learn to work together and this will help them develop socially. The camp’s instructors will also teach them to learn to respect each other and to never use the instruction anywhere other than in the classes.

Life Skills

Even though camps are short, it is likely that your child will learn some self-discipline. This will help them in school and at home as they learn to listen better. They will also learn self-control and come back to you with a greater level of self-confidence.

A Great Alternative

If you are looking for some place to send your kids this summer, a martial arts camp is an ideal choice. All the instructors are experts and they care about helping kids. When you realize that they are likely to spend a lot of time in front of the TV or with a computer while staying at home, camp is the ideal solution that can help them learn and mature.

Each week of camp is designed to provide fun, games, and education to the campers. They are also well-supervised to ensure the safety of all the kids. We are sure your kids will come home and want to go back next year.

The Amerikick Martial Arts gym provides a summer camp each year for many children. All of our instructors are trained and certified. We are located in Staten Island, New York. We invite you to bring your child by and watch one of our classes to see if they are interested in martial arts training.

What We Offer

All Skill Level

Our Camp is designed to fit karate students and new beginners to martial arts.

Weekly Themes

Each week our campers will learn new things. From; kickboxing to weapons to gymnastics and more…

Get Fit & Healthy

Our camps are so active with physical exercise through martial arts training and physical games that kids get more fit, eat healthier and enjoy socializing.


With fun trips such as water parks, trampolines and BBQ’s on a weekly basis its no  wonder past campers keep coming back for 2, 3 and even 4 years in a row!


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